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Who’s That Girl?

Hey! Bluevagabird is me.

First of all, thank you for checking in.

My name’s Joanna, I am Polish with a drop of Tatar blood, and I’ve always been a restless soul.

My first trip abroad was already a great journey. I was 13 and flew on my own to New Jersey to visit my relatives. Nine long hours on a plane, three months off home, and a language away from my native self.

I was spellbound.

Not so much by the USA, but by this sublime feeling of cultural dissonance, nonconformity, and being on a constant standby. What most people despise, I rejoiced in.

I’ve become a semi-vagabond since then.

So far, I have clocked up 36 countries (three more coming this year) and lived in Krak√≥w, London, and Dublin. The last two make it to the list of my most adored cities in the world (from the ones I’ve seen so far), along with Tokyo, Rome, San Francisco, Hamburg, or lately, Oslo (here’s an update – I think I’ll add Singapore to the list!).


As I have been privileged to visit so many breath-taking places, experience incredible moments, and learn valuable lessons from every single trip, I’d like to share some of this joy with you. Welcome to my world!

Don’t be shy, say hello and tell me what motivates you to travel.

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